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Welcome to HePS

IMPORTANT: Please refrain from using your browser's back button when navigating through this site.

This site is for government purchasers. Vendors! Please log in at: www.sicomm.net

What's New

* New: HePS Enhancements and Upgrades August 2010
* Updated: HePS Request for Quotation Reference Guide for Buyers (rev. 6/1/09)- replaces the buyer reference of 9/08.
* Updated: HePS Invitation for Bid Reference Guide for Buyers (rev. 6/1/09)- replaces the buyer reference of 10/08.
* Updated:HePS Reference Guide for Approvers (rev. 8/08)

As always, if you have questions or problems, contact us. (See Help and Support below.)

First Time Users

If this is your first time using the system there are few things you need to do. First, please be sure to allow popups in your browser for the HePS website. If you get a message that a popup has been blocked, choose to option to allow popups from the HePS website.

Also, after you login, please go to the Miscellaneous tab and click on the My Profiles sub- tab. Check to see if your information, name, email, phone and fax numbers are correct and update them if necessary. You may also change your Password here. Then click on the Update User Info at the bottom of the page.

Help and Support

Please direct all inquiries to:

Michael Matsumoto at (808) 371-4274 or email michael.matsumoto@sicomm.net

Award Types

Award Types: The following are the HePS award types and an explanation of how they are to be used.

Notice of Vendor Selection - Definite Procurement: This award type is used for awards of goods and services from solicitations where there is a definite quantity and a required delivery date is set. This type of award serves an award selection notification only through HePS, followed by an agency issued purchase order or contract. If a pCard is used, then the award notification through HePS may be the final and only notification to the successful vendor. SicommNet will the transaction fee to the vendor based on the required delivery date in the award notice.

Notice of Vendor Selection Indefinite Procurement: This award type is used for award notification of goods or services from solicitations where the actual quantity or delivery is unknown or takes place over a period of time. The award will show an estimated dollar value of the contract. SicommNet will invoice the transaction fee based on the reports of actual usage from the vendor, as required and included in the solicitation terms and conditions. Again, it is only an award selection notification with the actual contract or purchase order issued by the agency.

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